A great alternative to a Nanny; An Au Pair

As a new LCC in the Scarsdale, New York area and full time working Mom, I am truly seeing the benefits of having an au pair as your childcare provider. While many Nannies live out (although some do live in) an au pair provides live in flexible childcare. An au pair can provide all aspects of childcare including laundry, driving to activities/school and preparing meals for up to forty-five hours per week at a maximum of ten hours per day. 

Au pairs are cost effective, in that they are paid a stipend of less than two hundred dollars per week.  This amount is a fixed based on the minimum wage, the au pair does not get paid per child. 

Cultural Care au pairs are from various countries in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.  Most importantly, going through Cultural Care has many advantages; its the only au pair agency that has offices (that screen the potential au pairs) in all of the au pairs’ home countries, its the only agency that provides personalized matching of host families and au pairs, and its the ONLY au pair agency that has an au pair training school that the au pairs complete prior to being placed with their host families.

Lastly, an au pair is a great way to introduce your children to other cultures and languages.  In addition to caring for your children, an au pair can provide your family with a rich experience in cultural exchange. 

   To get more information about becoming a host family, please contact me at dorothy.mcdonald@lcc.culturalcare.com

Tuesday, 7 December 2010 10:55 PM


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